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Why Donate:


Please consider donating to Empowered Hands for P.A.N.S. Your donation will go towards making care packages for children and teens receiving IVIg and hosting awareness, support, and education events. 


Each care package costs about $40 to make. This includes a fleece blanket; a coloring book, activity book, or sketch book; colored pencils, crayons, or markers; a DVD; earbuds; a small toy; and a bag to carry it in. Empowered Hands for P.A.N.S. has supplied portable DVD players to several IVIg clinics in order for the child or teen to watch the DVD provided.


At events, Empowered Hands for P.A.N.S. likes to provide food and drinks to attendees. Past events have been hosted at the founders' home or at parks close by for no cost. Eventually, Empowered Hands for P.A.N.S. would like to host events at a hall to allow more people to attend.


Our goal is to be able to host educational conferences as well as have a booth or table at P.A.N.D.A.S./P.A.N.S. conferences. We would also like to someday be able to supply families with monetary support in paying for IVIg.


Your contribution will help us continue to host events and supply care packages and someday reach our goals.


Help children and families suffering from P.A.N.D.A.S./P.A.N.S. by donating today.

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How to Donate:


You can donate to Empowered Hands for PANS through check/cash or credit card/PayPal.


If you would like to donate through check, you may contact us for the address through the Contact Us page.


If you want to donate online using a credit card or PayPal accountant, you may do so by clicking the "donation" button below.


You can also donate supplies to Empowered Hands for PANS through our Amazon Wish List by searching Empowered Hands for PANS on the Amazon wish list finder. The supplies can be sent to Empowered Hands for PANS 6915 Rochester Rd #100, Troy, MI 48085. They will then be put into care packages and delivered to various locations.

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